My name is Tom Woods and I am a candidate for state legislature. I currently represent House District 64 in Bozeman, but since all of the legislative districts in Bozeman have been renumbered and had their boundaries changed for the upcoming election the situation can be a bit confusing. You can see a map of House District 62, an area I have both lived in and worked in. I feel a strong commitment to this community and I feel that I can represent it well.

I grew up in the Midwest and moved to Montana in 1986. My wife and I moved here to Bozeman in 1997 and we now have two young boys, Kelty and Finnian who attend Longfellow school. I teach Molecular Biology, Freshman Seminar and Medical Ethics at the university while Katie works as a family physician, a career that was made possible through Montana’s WWAMI medical program. Montana has been good to us.

I was honored to serve the city of Bozeman as a state legislator in the last session and I am proud of my voting record. I sponsored and passed a bill to reform the teacher’s pension system, expanded the physician training program at MSU and supported legislation that increased funding to our libraries and schools. You can view some of my speeches the floor and in committee on this website, or you may see a non-partisan evaluation of my voting record here at

If re-elected, I will continue to work hard to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. I will also continue to push back against increasing corporate influence over our elections, public policy and public lands. Very importantly, we took some steps towards equality for all citizens but we still have a lot more to do. I need your vote.

Thank you,


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