Tea Party-Militia Member Runs as a Democrat Against Tom

The latest is that there is a right winger posing as a Democrat running against Tom in the primary. This fellow running against Tom (Dane Peeples) is a member of the Sheriff Max’s Constitutional Posse, The northwest patriot and preparedness group, and a militia group called the Montana Irregulars. There’s nothing illegal about belonging to these groups, but there’s something unethical about this fellow posing as a Democrat.

The fact remains, we’re going to have to address this act of political vandalism. Please support Tom in this primary.


What a Democrat thinks of corporate influence.

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to continue to buy elections and political influence, here is Tom Woods on the floor of the Montana House speaking in support of a house resolution to declare that corporations are not people.

Tom feels that this is the major political question of our times. He does a pretty darned good job of explaining why.

Tom announces for House District 62

It was an honor to serve the city of Bozeman and those in my district during the last legislative session. We accomplished a lot last session in that we balanced the budget and put money away for the future. I fought hard to reform the teacher’s pension system and succeeded in doing so when the Governor signed the bill I sponsored; HB 377, which placed pensions on sound financial footing. We started a veterinary medicine program at MSU and expanded our medical school capacity (WWAMI) by 10 seats.

I worked hard to make sure that our State would provide healthcare for those in need. I pushed back against corporations and said no to their increasing influence in elections. While we did a lot of work these issues last session, we still have more to do. That is why I have announced my candidacy for House District 62. I am looking forward to the possibility of serving another term in the House. I promise to work hard and to represent those in my district the best I can. Thank you for your support.